Thuluva Vellalar and Agamudayar are same

Thuluva Vellalar and Agamudayar are same
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Yes. It’s because Thuluva vellalar are the sub caste of Great and Ancient Agamudayar community.

so that it was included in the same serial number (Serial no 1 of BC community List of Tamilnadu) .

Some Vellalars( Not the original thuluva vellalars but others who don’t have the connection with Thuluva vellalars) may argue that Thuluva Vellalars are related to Other vellalars but not with Agamudayar.

But the question is, Other Vellalars won’t make arranged marriages with Thuluva Vellalars.But North Tamilnadu agamudayars and Thuluva Vellalars have strong marriage connection with each other.Thats not the surprise it’s because Thuluva Vellalars are the sub caste of Agamudayar community.

And various historical scholars like Thiyagarajan and Sarithira semmal Krishnamoorthy told “Thuluva Vellalars are sub sect of Agamudayar caste” in their books.

These two scholars not only historical experts but they belongs to Thuluva Vellalar community of North Tamilnadu.


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