The Untold Stories of Thuluva Vellalar: A Journey through Agamudayar Community

The Untold Stories of Thuluva Vellalar: A Journey through Agamudayar Community
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The Thuluva Vellalar community, also known as Agamudayar, is one of the prominent South Indian castes. They are predominantly found in the districts of Madurai, Ramnad, Tirunelveli, and Tuticorin in Tamil Nadu. Despite their roots dating back to the Sangam era, the Thuluva Vellalar community is still shrouded in mystery and has many untold stories.

The Thuluva Vellalars are a land-owning community with agriculture being their primary occupation. They are believed to descend from Kshatriya lineage and have a long history of valour and courage. It is said that during the Chola and Pandya dynasties, the Thuluva Vellalars were given the title of “Agamudayar” meaning, one who governs the interior (agam) of the country.

One of the major untold stories of the Thuluva Vellalar community is about the role they played in the Indian Independence movement. The Thuluva Vellalars were an active participant in the freedom struggle and many of them, including Kappalottiya Thamizhan and V.V.S. Iyer, played an instrumental role in shaping the political landscape of Tamil Nadu.

The community is known for their unique marriage rituals, which are a blend of Tamil and Sanskrit customs. The wedding ceremony of the Thuluva Vellalars is elaborate and involves various rituals from the pre-wedding ceremonies to the post-wedding celebrations. The Thuluva Vellalar brides wear a sari decorated with gold jewellery and flowers, and the groom wears a traditional dhoti and turban.

Another aspect of the Agamudayar culture that is not widely known is their love for music and dance. The community has a rich tradition of folk songs and dances that are performed during various festivals and celebrations. The dance form, karakattam, is one of their most popular dances, which involves balancing a pot on the head while performing a dance.

The Thuluva Vellalars are also known for their unique cuisine, which is a blend of Tamil and Maratha flavours. Some of their famous dishes include vathal kuzhambu, a tangy and spicy stew made with sun-dried vegetables, and kandarappam, a sweet made with rice flour, jaggery, and coconut.

In recent years, the Thuluva Vellalar community has been the subject of much debate and discussion, particularly with regards to their inclusion in the Other Backward Classes (OBC) category. While some argue that the community has lost its traditional occupations and should be included in the OBC, others believe that the Thuluva Vellalars should be classified as a forward caste due to their historical status.

In conclusion, the Thuluva Vellalar community is a fascinating group with an array of untold stories waiting to be explored. From their rich history of valour and courage to their unique culture, cuisine, and traditions, the Agamudayars are a vibrant community that has much to offer to the world.

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